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Change Communications B2B change communications

Acquisition Communications: Communicating Changes for Customers

When acquiring a company, you have many stakeholders to consider and communicate with as changes are happening. From leadership changes to process ali...

Inbound Sales

15 Unusual Ways to Better Manage Time During Your Day

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in Influencive on February 12, 2019 with a mention from our CEO, Stephen Beach. We thought it would be...

Change Communications B2B change communications

Three Creative ways to Announce and Introduce a New Leader

Hiring new management or C-suite executives is a milestone for any business. Bringing on new talent is a giant leap of faith and an investment in bett...

Change Communications

Acquisition Communications: How to Navigate Technology Alignment

One of the challenges following an acquisition is moving the acquired company onto the parent company’s existing technology systems or vice versa. The...

Change Communications

Acquisition Communication: The Importance of Building a Communication Plan

An acquisition can be an exciting change for some and an unsettling one for others. There are a lot of stakeholders to answer to as the acquisition pl...

Change Communications

Three Tips for Creating Engaging Explainer Videos

When explaining a set of instructions to a diverse audience, the steps will be unfamiliar to some, so you want to make them easy to understand and act...

Change Communications

How to Create a Great Internal Video

Regular communication with your team is key to maintaining an engaged workforce, and ensures that employees are up to date on goals and priorities. Ho...

Change Communications

Four Reasons You Should Use Video In Your Internal Communications

In communicating with your workforce, there are several mediums at your disposal. There’s the tried and true mass email, town-hall meetings, conferenc...

Change Communications B2B change communications

Three Steps to Make the Most of Your One-On-One and Team Meetings

Regular discussions between leaders and their reports are essential in any organization. Setting aside time for one-on-one and team meetings provides ...

Change Communications B2B change communications

4 Ways to Engage & Inspire Your Team During an Organizational Change

Change is inevitable, necessary and commonplace in business. Positive and worthy change usually comes with some growing pains.