Rebranding Communication for Central Florida Industrial Tool Supplier

Case Study
Riverhawk Industrial Supply (formerly E&W Tool and Supply) is a leading supplier of industrial supplies and specialty tools. The company wanted a more modern name that still paid tribute to its Central Florida roots and also wanted to convey that customers can rely on them for more than just tools. With these considerations in mind, they decided to rebrand themselves as  Riverhawk Industrial Supply.

The Marketing Challenges

After developing the new name and initial branding elements, Riverhawk was faced with getting news about the changes out to its customers and the branding implemented in various marketing deliverables. The company wanted to ensure that long-time customers weren’t confused by the changes, and to be clear that E&W had not been acquired by Riverhawk. The company also wanted to update its sales materials and develop an attractive asset for its website to both announce the rebrand and highlight the company’s key services and top brand offerings.

"The communications have achieved exactly what we wanted. From digital communications to an animation to printed pieces, [Craft Impact] helped us creatively share our rebrand and also take the opportunity to restate our services to current and potential customers. I would definitely recommend Craft Impact to assist with communication deliverables for other companies, especially related to announcing a big change."

Sarah Finlayson Riverhawk Industrial Supply

The Craft Impact Solution

Rather than just celebrating a new brand identity and look and feel, Craft Impact worked to identify other areas of opportunity with the rollout. Riverhawk had lot of loyal customers and great referrals, but many of its customers used them for a narrow scope of products and didn't know the wide variety of products and services Riverhawk offered. Craft Impact suggested taking advantage of this opportunity to upsell existing customers and drive awareness to all of Riverhawk’s products and services, and its key advantages over the competition. This theme was used throughout the deliverables created for Riverhawk:
Customer Emails
Craft Impact developed two emails: one to be sent a month prior to the rebrand, and one to be sent when the new brand officially launched. The goal of the emails was to relieve any customer concerns about the rebrand and to set expectations about where they would experience changes. The messaging achieved exactly what Riverhawk had hoped: awareness of the rebrand, understanding of why it was done, and what it meant for the customers. 
Rebrand Video
Craft Impact created a short animation to be included in the second email and featured on the new Riverhawk website. The video announced the rebrand and highlighted Riverhawk’s product offerings as well as the top brands that are available through Riverhawk. 
Delivery Box Flyer
To give customers a tangible reminder about the rebrand in the weeks following its launch, Craft Impact created a flyer for Riverhawk to pack into delivery boxes. The flyer also included Riverhawk’s product offerings, helping to educate customers about the wide variety of products and services available through Riverhawk that the customer may not currently be aware of.
Sales Brochure
Riverhawk had been using dated sales materials that needed to be enhanced as well as rebranded. Craft Impact developed a new sales brochure featuring the company’s value propositions, products and services, top brand offerings, and new contact information. 
riverhawk-sales-sheet-3 riverhawk-sales-sheet-2-1 riverhawk-sales-sheet-1


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