Outsourced Communications Strategy & Execution

Case Study

Certus Wealth Management is an RIA (Registered Investment Adviser) dedicated to helping its customers achieve their unique financial goals. The firm is committed to designing and implementing strategies tailored to its clients’ values, going beyond the transactional aspects of conventional financial planning. Certus Wealth Management values its client relationships and strongly believes in proactive partnership.

Executive Summary

Coming off a recent transition, Certus Wealth Management wanted to proactively engage its clients in a meaningful way – keeping them informed about market changes and instilling the trust that comes with knowing that their financial advisor is actively working to identify and maximize opportunities. Certus engaged Craft Impact for outsourced communications support and to develop and execute an ongoing content strategy. 

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"Partnering with Craft Impact has been a huge help for my firm after setting up our RIA – I've had lots of unsolicited, positive feedback from clients regarding our communications. Together with Craft, we’ve identified timely information to share with clients on a regular basis and have improved our content collateral. My goal is to provide the best possible advisory experience while helping my clients achieve their dreams, and Craft Impact has been an indispensable partner in meeting that goal. Their ability to strategically extract information and deduce it into professional communications has been a time saver for me, allowing my firm to be more effective and efficient."

Joel Van Hofwegen, Founder, Certus Wealth Management



Having newly launched its own RIA, Certus Wealth Management sought to improve the multi-faceted client experience. The firm wanted to make regular touchpoints with its clients to ensure a level of confidence that their financial advisor is actively keeping apprised of market trends and opportunities. Certus Wealth Management also wanted to curate premium content that simplifies the client onboarding process, improving the experience, and answering top-of-mind questions. They contacted Craft Impact to develop a content plan that optimizes its objectives.



For financial advisory firms, building relationships, trust, and confidence is critical. Knowing that clients had experienced a recent transition, Craft Impact worked with Certus Wealth Management to develop a content strategy that keeps clients engaged and informed. A multi-month content strategy included deliverables like:

  • Monthly client newsletters containing advisor updates; rotating financial planning insights and market updates; and calls to action
  • Featured blog posts
  • Premium content priority items, including one-pagers designed to explain the client journey and advisor partnerships
  • Client intake form
  • One-off emails to communicate staff and operational updates
  • Website content updates

newsletter cwm

Monthly Client Newsletter

cwm blog

Blog Post

cpa & customer journey cwm

Client Journey & Advisor Partnership One-Pagers

cwm intake form

Intake Form

By curating a calendar of strategic content priorities, Craft Impact and Certus Wealth Management were able to deliver timely information that its clients need and want. Regular communication with clients has also helped bolster client relationships and spur advisor/client conversations that help clients get closer to their financial goals.


The curated content calendar allows Certus Wealth Management to proactively engage with clients on applicable market and economic happenings. It successfully helped Certus Wealth Management navigate client communication post-transition – appropriately setting client expectations for when they can expect outreaches, and improving visibility into the goings on of their financial advisory firm.

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