Fueling Growth with a Holistic Inbound Marketing Strategy

Case Study

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring offers a wide range of customized tutoring programs to students of all ages, including academic tutoring, test preparation programs, and Executive Function coaching.

In recent years, the company shifted to an inbound marketing strategy to blend with the traditional outbound marketing and robust referral network they’ve historically relied on for new business.

The Marketing Challenges

Trouble Standing Out

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring initially reached out to Craft Impact in early 2012 to help with SEO-optimized blog article writing and Constant Contact email newsletter campaigns. At the time, A+ was generating a decent amount of website traffic, but they were having trouble ensuring aplustutoring.com would show up high on Google search results for the keywords they were targeting. With hundreds of tutoring companies, A+ was having trouble standing out from the competition. Other tutoring companies were using paid ads to outrank the competition, pushing A+ further down the search engine results.

A+ understood the value of different marketing tools, -and dabbled in everything from social to podcasts to email newsletters. They had advanced industry expertise and experienced, highly trained staff, which also meant the company had access to quality content and incredible referrals. Website visitors would come and go, and folks would read the monthly email newsletters via Constant Contact. All good things!

The biggest marketing problem A+ faced was the lack of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that emphasized new leads for the business. Without an emphasis on turning website visitors into leads, A+ struggled to figure out which marketing tools and tactics were truly generating the best return on investment.

The Craft Impact Solution

A More Holistic Inbound Marketing Strategy

With top-quality content and access to a number of industry experts, A+ had a strong foundation to work with, but needed help developing a strategy to increase the company’s results and return on investment. Craft Impact’s team of content journalists and inbound marketers developed a plan to create a more holistic inbound marketing strategy.

Step 1: Audit Website Content. The Craft Impact team reviewed and organized all existing website content to help current and potential clients find the information they were looking for on the site. Understanding the content also helped the team determine a strategy to increase search rankings for selected keywords in their industry.

Step 2: Upgrade Marketing Platform. Craft Impact then migrated the A+ website from Wordpress to HubSpot so the company could take advantage of all-in-one marketing software. From search engine optimization (SEO) to social media tools, HubSpot offered a platform for A+ to grow their website traffic and start generate more leads through their website.

Step 3: Create Incentives for Visitors. With quality content but very little incentive for website visitors to share their information with A+, Craft Impact developed multiple downloadable PDF offers that would be helpful to parents, students, and guidance counselors researching test prep and tutoring agencies. In order to download these offers, visitors were asked to provide their contact information, providing more opportunities for A+ to communicate with interested people.

Website sessions for A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, 2011-2017

Step 4: Improve Customer Management Process. As part of the HubSpot migration, A+ began to use the platform’s customer relationship management (CRM) database, which allows them to better organize, manage, and communicate with potential clients.

Step 5: Deliver a Comprehensive Inbound Strategy. In addition to updating the website, Craft Impact developed a more holistic marketing strategy, complete with deliverables and marketing tactics that have been implemented over the last six years:

  • keyword research
  • brand and website content audit
  • on-page SEO improvements and keyword-targeted website copy: internal pages and blog articles
  • blog content strategy: “College Prep Tips, Study Hints, & Education News for the Parents and Students in the Philadelphia Area”
  • Facebook pay per click (PPC) strategy
  • call to action buttons
  • landing pages for downloadable content offers
  • premium content offers: downloadable PDFs guides, tip sheets, checklists, etc.
  • HubSpot site migration
  • HubSpot Sales product consulting

In the following years, A+ switched from a more manual approach to using HubSpot’s free sales customer relationship management (CRM) tool, which allows them to nurture their inbound leads, track contact lifecycle stages, and report on sales performance.

The Results

A+'s Marketing & Sales Efforts

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring has embraced a global inbound marketing strategy that emphasizes lead generation from the website. Using HubSpot’s software tools, A+ continues to grow their test prep and tutoring business through a dedication to measuring the results of marketing campaigns and laser-like focus on showing ROI for the business.

Traffic and Leads Generated via Inbound Marketing
Year Over Year Traffic
Quality leads generated via inbound marketing
Customers Generated via Inbound Marketing

2016: 25
2017: 38

Customers generated via inbound marketing
New call-to-action