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by Stephen Beach
on October 16, 2018

Inbound Success Story: Driving Revenue with Inbound Leads

We love to hear stories from our clients with examples of how the inbound methodology has worked for them and their business. Here's a great story from PermaTrak's President, Jason Philbin, on how strong inbound leads can lead to far more opportunities beyond the initial interaction through the website.
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Recently, the power of our sales and marketing efforts was exemplified and I want to share a quick story with you.

As each of you know, we invest quite a bit of resources into our sales and marketing efforts. Stephen and Julie have created a top notch website that is informative and easy to navigate. We hear this feedback from potential customers every day. Additionally, we now have our internal Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Aoife, coordinating and qualifying the inbound leads and helping me focus sales efforts. Our process is working and great job to your three.

Specifically, in November 2017, we received an inbound lead who was referred to us from another customer. Since then, this lead has viewed almost 50 pages on our website educating herself on our system. Subsequently, she requested an in-person presentation to her landscape architecture group. In December, I presented to her small group of six designers. During that meeting, we discussed a project with an estimated contract value of $1.1M. Our new inbound lead and the customer are sold on using PermaTrak for this project. We will be providing design services later this year. gets better! Another team member who attended this same presentation contacted me in April 2018 with another opportunity! Last week I traveled to Atlanta and presented the PermaTrak system to this project’s owner. At the conclusion of the meeting the owner said “Well, I’m sold on PermaTrak! Let's discuss how to specify and pre-purchase your system." This project has an expected selling price of $250k!

Wait…there is even more! Subsequently, this owner contacted his second consultant, and told them to call us and “do the same as we are doing with our boardwalk.” This consultant now wants us to prepare engineering drawings and plans to specify PermaTrak on their construction documents also, for a third project with an estimated contract of $100k.

This is what happens with a great product and great sales and marketing efforts. So, thank you Aoife, Stephen and Julie for your efforts. A mix of face to face, phone and web interaction with this customer has us in position to land three contracts totaling almost $1.5M! It all starts with this type of interaction.

We love helping our clients develop a content strategy and inbound marketing plan that brings customers to their doorstep. If you're tired of cold calling and performing "random acts of marketing" to see what sticks, we'd love to help you too.