An Outsourced Approach to Marketing for a Fintech Startup

Case Study

As the leading source of insight into the non-standard workforce, SteadyIQ partners with government agencies and financial institutions to help systems work better for 1099, gig, contingent workers, and mixed earners. By extracting insights from data on more than 1.5 billion enriched financial transactions and over 151 billion enriched deposits, SteadyIQ helps streamline benefits administration, quantify earnings, expand access to credit, reduce fraud, improve outcomes, and increase equity. Born from the consumer-facing Steady app, SteadyIQ uses the power of technology to help make better informed decisions about workers and get them the benefits and access they deserve.


SteadyIQ lacked alignment and consistency in their communications, marketing, and sales efforts. Craft Impact’s outsourced CMO approach allowed SteadyIQ to determine how they wanted to position their brand, grow their top of the funnel and talk to prospects in the B2G and B2B spaces.



As a scrappy startup, SteadyIQ lacked the time and resources to create a cohesive marketing strategy. They knew all the tactics they wanted to use, but weren’t sure how to effectively execute on them. Following their website launch, SteadyIQ needed help optimizing it and boosting SEO to get it in front of the businesses and agencies that could benefit from Steady’s capabilities. At the same time, their small-but-mighty sales team was looking for guidance on developing effective messaging, creating collateral for different customer segments, and improved lead nurturing tactics. With a number of different outsourced partners working on needs like website development, lobbying, and public relations, SteadyIQ needed an expert team dedicated to content, marketing and sales enablement. They turned to Craft Impact to meet these needs.


Craft Impact believes that effective marketing can only happen when you have a solid understanding of your target audience. With that in mind, we began our work with SteadyIQ by learning about the unique challenges of their customer segments and the ways SteadyIQ could help solve them. Paired with what we learned about SteadyIQ’s technology and how it makes an impact, we began creating blog posts, email newsletters, and producing webinars on the topics that matter to SteadyIQ’s customers, positioning SteadyIQ as a true thought leader in the B2G and B2B spaces. As the partnership progressed, we expanded our scope to take on the optimization of their website and SEO improvements including keyword research and competitive analysis, all with the goal of converting more leads to customers through an improved prospect experience.

In tandem with the marketing efforts, Craft Impact consulted on the needs of the sales team including CRM implementation, pipeline setup, and technology training as well as introducing effective sales tactics such as 1:1 automated email sequences, LinkedIn nurturing best practices, and 1:1 video.

Key Deliverables have included:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • 1:1 Automated Email Sequences
  • Prospecting Support
  • Video
  • Collateral
  • PowerPoint Decks
  • Social Media
  • Graphics
  • Custom CRM Properties
  • Sales Pipeline Setup

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With outsourced CMO support from Craft Impact, SteadyIQ has gained clear direction on their marketing and sales strategy. Through this partnership, we helped Steady determine how they wanted to position their brand, grow and nurture leads through engaging content, and tie everything together in a cohesive plan, resulting in a better customer experience.

✅ Increased low SERP ranks to first page within a week of optimizing SEO
✅ Increased webinar registrations by 50% over 6 months
✅ Established automated workflow for outreach efforts, saving time for Sales team
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