Effective Results With A Clear Messaging & Digital Marketing Strategy

Case Study

MA Private Wealth is a boutique wealth advisory that uses a sophisticated, customized approach to investment management and financial planning in order to pave the path to financial stability for its clients.

The Marketing Challenges

A newly established Registered Investment Advisor, MA Private Wealth wanted to define their brand and messaging independent of their legacy broker-dealer. They were looking to articulate their values, who they are and what they do, and effectively convey their value proposition through a strategic marketing approach. Previously earning most of their new prospects through referrals, the leadership team at MA Private Wealth wanted to better position itself to retain and earn new clients.

The Craft Impact Solution


Craft Impact guided MA Private Wealth through a StoryBrand messaging workshop aimed at developing a toolkit of compelling, dynamic messaging. After identifying who the ideal MA Private Wealth Customer is, the advisory team became better positioned to guide prospects on their journey to accomplish their goals. The exercise served as a launchpad for developing language, messaging, and branding that resonates. This consistent message was carried through all deliverables, including:


A Comprehensive Branding & Style Guide

  • Updated color palette
  • Modernized font
  • Clear messaging direction


New Website Content & Creation

  • insert bullet points
Previous Site:
New Site:


Website Resources & Articles



Sales Collateral

  • Client-Facing Prospect Timeline



Monthly Email Newsletters to Clients


Transition Announcement Communications & Press Releases

  • Video marketing and written script for new advisor announcements
  • Promotion strategy & execution
    • Website
    • Email Newsletters
    • LinkedIn



Target niche website “pillar” page

    • Target niche lead magnet - interactive survey
    • Tech Professionals Financial Assessment: 3-minute assessment for tech professionals once you’ve reached $500,000+ investments


Thought leadership video series on market volatility

The Results

Partnering with Vantage Impact for 15 months thus far, MA Private Wealth has been able to harness their unique value proposition, and unify their client communications. With a foundational structure of purposeful, high quality communications and online presence, MA Private Wealth has refined their approach to working with clients, creating consistency in the client experience while attracting high quality leads.

erica-arroyo-headshot-round"Our firm has worked with Vantage Impact for almost one year, and they have delivered a very professional experience as we have worked together to clarify our message and create a comprehensive marketing strategy. We look forward to a continued partnership as we develop and execute on growth strategies."

-Erica Arroyo, COO and Private Wealth Advisor



Recent marketing & sales wins include:
  • 73% increase in website traffic (four month period September-December 2021, compared to previous four months)
  • 20% increase in unique email opens and 10% increase in reader engagement
  • Positive feedback from current clients on professionalism of website and monthly communications
  • Responsive website built on HubSpot CMS for simple editing, drag and drop functionality
  • HubSpot CRM and marketing tools offering enhanced analytics on a per-contact basis
  • Website traffic analytics, last 60 days (as of 3/29/2022)
  • Embracing video marketing as a channel to personally connect with prospects and current clients
  • Quick pivot of digital marketing strategy to address market volatility and communicate with clients
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