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by Laura Fox
on January 23, 2020

Utilizing an External Firm for Internal Communications

Internal communications are a big responsibility. They are used to announce executive priorities, guide teams through organizational change, provide details on process updates, reinforce company culture, and share timely news. All of this must be accomplished while maintaining professionalism and engaging employees. To ensure effective internal communications, many organizations choose to partner with external firms. Here are some reasons why: 
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Efficient Flex Support

Partnering with an external firm gives an organization access to a team of experts that can efficiently address communication needs. At Craft Impact, we tap into our pool of experts in strategy, writing, change management, design, animation and video production to best address a client's need. Our clients reap the benefits of the creative skill sets of multiple individuals, without needing to add a number of full-time employees to their payrolls. 

This flex pool of talent is available when a client needs it. For example, at quarter end, when company initiatives are wrapping up and executives are responsible for board presentations and company-wide updates, they can depend on us for high quality communications with lightning fast turnaround times. You pay for our services when you need them, rather than employing individuals that you don’t have a need for year-round.

Dedicated Resource 

Client service and prospecting initiatives can start to take precedence over nurturing a company’s key asset: its people. When leaders make communications a low priority, it can negatively impact corporate culture and morale. By partnering with a firm on communication strategy, you’ll know that internal communications are not taking a back seat to customer-facing work. 

Creative Approach 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing things the way they’ve always been done. But as new generations enter the workforce, leaders need to be creative in how they are engaging employees. In a world of social media, TikTok and YouTube, communication teams need to think outside of the box to drive messages home. 

In addition, for many companies, remote working is becoming much more popular. For larger companies, there is often the added challenge of employees being on different shifts, in different locations or out in the field, making it hard to use traditional communication approaches. As a company grows, it can be more and more difficult to build a unified culture, to connect employees across locations and/or shifts and make them feel “in the know.”  

An external communications partner can thoughtfully consider how to best use communications to boost executives’ visibility, and how to make a company’s culture transcend physical locations via creative communication vehicles.


Being outside of the business allows a team to think from the perspective of the audience. Internal communications often come from the top down and are intended to widely disseminate information. Being close to the material at hand can make it challenging for an internal individual or team to craft communications with the audience in mind. A firm can take a step out of the weeds of the day-to-day business, and conduct an unbiased evaluation of the current state via a communications audit

At Craft Impact, we bring a fresh perspective and are highly focused on the “so what” and “what’s this mean for me” - distilling information from executives to make it pertinent and actionable to the audience. 

Absolute Discretion

For most sensitive company initiatives, controlling a message and its release is mission critical. Your biggest threat is the rumor mill. At companies of all sizes, internal news often inadvertently leaks outside of a core group. By partnering with an external communications company that specializes and evaluates itself on strategically disseminating information, you can trust that this news will be kept close to the chest until the timing is right. 

how-can-an-external-firm-help-with-your-internal-communications-infographicWhile it may seem strange to partner with an external firm on internal communications, companies benefit from a more efficient and cost-effective team of resources who can accomplish goals via multiple mediums while also providing the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. To discuss your internal communication needs, send us a note!