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by Stephen Beach
on January 10, 2019

Delivering Quick Wins: The Value of Communicating Successes

Change is almost always a challenge. Whether it’s implementing a new process or launching a product, facing the unfamiliar can be daunting, but it’s necessary to keep your company growing and thriving. It’s important to start the project on the right foot and keep momentum going, and quick wins can be the key to making that happen.
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What are quick wins? Quick wins are high impact, low effort successes that can help establish trust and reliability that your project is moving forward or that positive strides are being made in some capacity. These small victories demonstrate to your team that change is not only possible, but is happening right now.

Here are four reasons why focusing on quick wins can make transitions of any kind a little easier:

Quick wins are tangible

When a new project is implemented, much of the work is behind-the-scenes and not easily visible to people outside of the team. While you’ve built a level of trust that work is being done, it can be frustrating when it takes weeks, or even months, for the results to be seen. Quick wins provide tangible proof that you can point to and demonstrate that the project is moving forward. Providing regular updates on completed tasks and overall progress give your clients or employees confidence that your project is moving forward and any upcoming deadlines will be met.

Quick wins create momentum

It can be easy to forget how far you’ve come and lose track of progress when you’re in the midst of a long-term project. However, when you focus on and promote quick wins, you can easily point to milestones that show your progress and can provide the fuel you need to keep going. Progress begets progress, and when your team sees forward movement, it can often provide the motivation needed to keep checking items off the list and move to the next phase of the project.

Quick wins make changes more palatable

Have you ever tried to implement a change and were met with comments like, “that’s not how we’ve always done it” or “it’s a great idea, but we’ll never get there”? Starting out with small, incremental change can help ease your team into a larger transition and give them confidence that it will be successful. These small successes prove that larger change is possible. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Quick wins are cause for celebration

Transitions can be exciting, but when you’re in the middle of the work, they can be long, drawn-out, and downright exhausting. Don’t forget that quick wins are a reason to celebrate! Be sure to do something that recognizes a job well done and acknowledges success. Take advantage of these moments to keep your team energized and engaged to bring the project to completion.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can deliver quick wins or how we can help you navigate change, let us know!