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by Mackenzie Meola
on November 18, 2019

Construction Product Marketing: Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

As you are attracting, converting, nurturing, and delighting your prospects, video can be a powerful marketing tool in your buyer’s journey. Through each stage of the inbound marketing methodology, there are strategic ways to incorporate video to make an impact on your construction product business.
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You may be thinking, “How can I create videos? That seems like a lot of work for not much payoff.” We’re here to tell you that video marketing is worth a little extra effort and it does not have to be difficult!

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Attract: Use Video to Bring People In

The attract stage of the inbound method is all about getting the right people to visit your website—people who will become leads. Posting your product videos on social media sites and on your website pages is a great way to attract potential clients to your website.

Video on Social Media

According to Small Business Trends, social video generates 12 times the shares than text and images combined. That says it all, doesn’t it? Quick promotional videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter promote brand recognition and can go a long way in attracting people to your website. At the least, videos statistically do a much better job than simple, text-only posts.

Video on Your Website

Video can serve to boost your ranking on search engine results, meaning your website will appear above other top-ranked websites. 

"You’ll also get more visitors on your website using video because companies using video enjoy 41 percent more web traffic from search than non-users and video drives a whopping 157 percent increase in organic traffic from search engines." SmallBizTrends

Web pages with videos also encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer periods of time and provide a platform that simultaneously entertains and educates, without requiring much effort. The extra time they spend watching shows Google there is something valuable on the page, again leading to higher rankings.

“The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.”  Mist Media

Convert: Use Video to Generate Leads

You’ve attracted the right people to your website. Now, let’s talk about how to engage your audience and help them keep learning about your product. Where does video come in here?

To engage potential leads on your website, try adding some case study videos, brand videos, and product/service demo videos. If someone is on your site, they’re probably trying to figure out why they should choose your product- so show them!

This quick animated video shows the viewer all of the different product categories and leading brands that Riverhawk Industrial Supply carries: 

Pro Tip

When you upload your video to a platform like Wistia, you can add links within the video to lead your audience to gain more information on other pages on your website. You can also add calls-to-action links within Wistia videos, making it easy to get a viewer’s contact information in exchange for valuable content from you.

Nurture: Use Video to Help Your Prospects Educate Themselves

While leads are in the decision making process, it’s important to “stay in front of them” - to keep your product on their mind with consistent messaging that demonstrates your product’s value. Use videos that review products, answer FAQs, and spotlight delighted customers to help them find the information they need to make an informed decision.

Video for Email Marketing

Videos stand out in emails, because emails typically only contain text, links, and images. Provide extra value (and excitement!) in an email by sharing an educational video, revealing why your construction product would be a great fit. Or send a Soapbox video that you can record with your computer’s built-in webcam. You can include a noteworthy update about your product or a conversation you just had that you think prospects could identify with. These informal videos help the recipient of your email feel like it’s just a casual back and forth, so after you include the video clip, encourage them to send you a quick reply - you may be surprised at how engaged they really are. 

Delight: Use Video to Add to Your Customers’ Experience

Once someone is a customer, there is still work to be done! You can use video to continue adding value to their experience. Use Soapbox to create a quick, personalized thank-you video. 

You could also include a best practice video on maintenance steps for your product once installation/construction is complete. Videos in the delight stage are about making your customers’ day a little brighter, expressing thanks that they’ve trusted you with a part of their project, and being proactive with potential referrals your clients could bring you.