Using Your Website to Generate Qualified Leads

Is your website a digital brochure?

An Effective Website Does One of Two Things

Sells Something

business to consumer transactions


Collects visitor contact information

lead generation

At Craft Impact, we help our clients with the second objective: lead generation. Your prospects will voluntarily share their contact information in exchange for access to information, tools or resources that help them do their jobs better.

The important piece to remember is this: why would your website visitors share their contact information with you? What value can you offer them in exchange for their contact information? Could that be an eBook or whitepaper on how to design projects with your product? Or maybe it’s something more straightforward, like a budget estimate or design consultation.

It is our job as marketers to determine which of these resources hold this critical level of value, positioned for prospects at varying stages of the sales cycle.


New call-to-action

Put your site to work 24/7

Many business owners view their websites as digital brochures - the primary purpose of the site is to look professional and convey credibility. If your competitors are doing this, you have a real opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Think of your site as a business development rep that works for your sales team, driving qualified leads to their inboxes - around the clock, 365 days/year.

An effective inbound website should be supplying your sales team with quality leads to follow up on. Ideally, the site also arms the sales team with content strategically built to:

  1. Shorten the sales cycle, and
  2. Improve close rates

Ignoring your website visitors?

97-99% of the people visiting your website aren’t ready to buy and don’t want to send a message via the “Contact Us” form. They aren’t yet ready to speak with a salesperson, but might be open to learning more, researching their options (you vs. your competitors) and educating themselves on their buying options. Most companies miss this huge opportunity - they allow their visitors to come to the website, and then exit without leaving their contact information.

Much like how you would collect business cards for follow up when working a trade show booth, an inbound website functions the same way. For the people who are simply researching and not yet ready to buy, what are you doing to bring them into your marketing funnel and nurture them until they’re ready to speak to sales?

Start by thinking beyond the “Contact Us” form, and put yourself into the shoes of your prospects.

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