A Modern Approach to Marketing and Sales

With a Help-First Mentality

The inbound methodology applies six stages to the marketing process. Customers move through each of these stages as they become aware of a need, evaluate alternatives, and choose the best solution.

Inbound marketing is centered around a mix of relevant information that is tailored to your ideal client. When inbound is executed strategically, your website will help prospects work their way down your company’s sales funnel - from visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into evangelists.


Marketing Research & Web Development

Identifying your ideal customer, and developing an inbound marketing strategy that will most effectively address their needs and wants.

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Turn Strangers Into Website Visitors

Attract the right prospects to your site with high quality content and establish your business as a trusted, authoritative resource.

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Lead Generation Strategy

Developing “passive” consumers of your content into “active” leads within your sales process by way of strategically trading relevant high-value information for the prospect’s contact information.

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Lead Nurturing Strategy

Becoming a trusted authority within your space, by presenting relevant content to your prospects at the precise moment they need it, so as to help move them through your sales process.

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Sales Enablement Strategy

Identifying when your prospect is ready to make a purchasing decision and putting the proper processes in place to ensure your business is top of mind to the prospect, while also making sure your team is notified to reach out to the lead if required.

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Iterate and Deliver Results

Continuing to engage with and nurture relationships with existing customers/clients and working with them to become your business’s very best evangelists/promoters.

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Inbound is a modern approach to marketing and sales - marketing with a magnet instead of a hammer

People don’t like being told what products they should buy, or who they should do work with. They want to figure it out on their own.

With quality content geared towards your ideal clients, inbound marketing attracts prospects to your website, converts them into leads for your sales team, and helps them in their journey to find the right product that will solve their problem.

Working With Craft Impact

What You Can Expect
Phase 1
Initial Marketing Consultation - No Cost
45 MIN

A marketing consultation to learn about your business and discuss your goals and challenges.

We'll spend time going over our suggestions on how to use your website to help grow your business, but we also want to learn more about the goals, timelines and plans you have in place.

We're excited to better understand your current marketing efforts, see what has worked vs. what hasn't, and explore whether we'd be a good fit to work together.

At the end of the call, we'll mutually decide if we want to continue the discussion.

Set Up a Call

Phase 2
Your Messaging, Branding, Sales Collateral
4-12 Weeks

Messaging: Clarify your company's message to engage prospects, clients and key stakeholders. Applies to marketing, sales and communications.

Branding: Establish a look and feel that you’re excited to share with prospective and current clients.

Sales collateral: Support your business development efforts with 1-pagers and other visuals to nurture ideal fit prospects.

Phase 3
Choose Your Own Adventure

We work on a month-by-month basis as your outsourced CMO

Custom marketing plans that are aligned to your business goals. We pick and choose the most cost-effective and impactful tactics, including written/video content on your website, email newsletters, social media, 1:1 sales emails, and educational webinars.