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Craft Impact Cares

Craft Impact Cares: Brain Tumor Research Fundraiser

We started the Craft Impact Cares program in 2017 as a way to weave social impact into the core of our business model. Year end donations and charitab...

B2B inbound marketing

Construction Product Marketing - Do I Need Social Media? [VIDEO]

Some businesses in the construction product industry are of the mindset that a social media presence isn’t necessary in their line of work. We hear ma...

Inbound Marketing

Construction Product Marketing: 5 Tips for Using Video to Showcase Your Product

The popularity of online video content is growing. On websites and social media, video content sees higher engagement than pictures, and can be easily...

Inbound Sales B2B construction materials marketing B2B inbound marketing

Commercial Material Suppliers: Using Inbound Marketing to Grow Revenue

Does your company design and supply a unique product used on commercial construction projects?

Inbound Sales

Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) and 11 Inbound Sales Takeaways

My father was a great businessman, entrepreneur, successful CEO and avid reader. I’ve been fortunate enough to inherit his books over the years, and I...

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