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Change Communications

Transitioning Work to Another Team - Offshoring or Outside Vendor

As a business grows and improves its processes, it may benefit from transitioning certain departmental duties to another team - a team within the comp...

Craft Impact Cares

Craft Impact Cares: Serving the Hungry in Baltimore

As a company with a remote workforce, it’s always a treat when we are able to get together for strategy sessions, project collaboration and good old-f...

Change Communications

Change Communications: Preparing Your Customers for Change

Changes within your business can be hard, whether they impact your processes, workforce, services or customers. The key to managing any type of change...

Change Communications B2B change communications Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition Communications: Communicating Changes for Customers

When acquiring a company, you have many stakeholders to consider and communicate with as changes are happening. From leadership changes to process ali...

Change Communications Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition Communications: How to Navigate Technology Alignment

One of the challenges following an acquisition is moving the acquired company onto the parent company’s existing technology systems or vice versa. The...

Change Communications Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition Communication: The Importance of Building a Communication Plan

An acquisition can be an exciting change for some and an unsettling one for others. There are a lot of stakeholders to answer to as the acquisition pl...

Change Communications

Three Tips for Creating Engaging Explainer Videos

When explaining a set of instructions to a diverse audience, the steps will be unfamiliar to some, so you want to make them easy to understand and act...

Change Communications Crisis Engaging Your Customers

I Feel Ya: How to Connect with Your Audience Using Empathy

Do you ever wonder what it is that makes you feel bad for someone who is going through a tough time? There is a group of brain cells called mirror neu...

Craft Impact Cares

Craft Impact Cares: Gardening at Railyard Conservancy

A few mornings this past summer, I traded my laptop and cell phone for gardening gloves and a pruner, and I found myself advising, “That looks invasiv...

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