Messaging and Branding to Launch a New Financial Advisory Affiliation Platform

Case Study

Burney Advisor Services (BAS) is a platform that supports financial advisors with active investment strategies. BAS services range from research, ratings, and active stock selection, to full service portfolio management and trading - helping advisors save time, improve processes, and differentiate themselves in the market.

Executive Summary

Burney Advisor Services (BAS) was seeking support for its new advisor platform in the form of messaging, branding, and sales collateral creation to tell the story of BAS and how its investment management services could support other advisors. Through its partnership with Craft Impact, BAS gained the tools needed to start the recruitment process.


"Choosing Craft was an easy decision, as we had just completed a successful engagement with them on our Burney Wealth Management offering. They again thoroughly walked us through the steps of creating brand, logo, message, website and sales collateral. They reliably stay on schedule, and keep us on it as well, to ensure timely completion."

Lowell Pratt Jr., CFP, President & Chairman, Burney Advisor Services



The Burney Company had been a well-established B2C financial advisory firm since 1974, but in 2022, they wanted to start supporting other advisors. Knowing they had proprietary tools and experience that advisors would value and appreciate, BAS set out to establish themselves as a partner financial advisors could turn to when they wanted active investment research and strategies. Knowing they needed to create a whole new brand for their B2B services, BAS hired Craft Impact to guide them through the process. BAS also engaged with our sister company, Vantage Impact, for strategic industry-specific consulting.



When a company or offering is new, it can be particularly challenging to have a focused, consistent message across marketing and sales materials. Our clients often have so much they want to say, but struggle to refine their message and articulate their story. That’s where Craft Impact comes in. Starting with StoryBrand messaging and logo design workshops, Craft Impact guided BAS on a journey to define how BAS acts as a guide for other financial advisors and created messaging and a brand to tell that story. With those pieces in place, our team helped BAS launch the brand through the creation of: 

  • Website
  • Sales collateral (guides and one-pagers)
  • Branded slide deck template and advisor offer presentation
  • Video
  • Platform launch communications (press release, website announcement, social media)
  • Downloadable eBook
  • 3 month social media campaign

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 3.06.26 PM


bas video


bas performance matters

Downloadable eBook

bas ppt template

Branded slide deck template


Through our branding and messaging exercises paired with our expert team’s creation of a website and supplemental sales collateral, BAS was well-positioned to begin the marketing and sales process for their new platform.