Crafting a B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Content Marketing TOOLKIT (CMT)

a customized roadmap designed to help you accomplish three objectives

Attract more website visitors


Generate more qualified leads


Turn your digital marketing investment into revenue


The Content Marketing Toolkit takes the guesswork out of digital or inbound marketing. The Toolkit demystifies marketing automation and answers the tough questions, like:

What content should I create?
How do I turn website visitors into qualified leads?
What offers convert the best?
Which lead sources produce the greatest ROI?
We hear it all the time

We need a marketing strategy..."

But depending on who you talk to, a "marketing strategy" could mean a lot of different things.


We hear this a lot from business owners and CMOs. The clients we work with typically have tried a lot of different marketing tactics, like Google AdWords, a website, press releases, trade shows, maybe even email newsletters - but they still aren’t really sure if their message is getting to the right people. We call it "random acts of marketing" - they’re not sure if the marketing is really working in terms of generating more revenue, or how to cost-effectively scale their marketing efforts to reach more potential clients - does that sound like you?

If you don’t know where to get started, or you’re having trouble tying all of these marketing tactics together into a cohesive strategy your team can follow, read on to learn more about what a Craft Impact inbound marketing strategy involves.


Built to your specs

An inbound marketing strategy will be designed just for your business based on essential information about your brand and your customers. Your Toolkit will show you the exact steps to take, the content to build, and the topics to tackle to turn your website into a revenue-generating machine.

Many prospects we talk to are accustomed to the "find and fix it model," where the marketers identify deliverables that badly need to be cleaned up and updated with current information. Perhaps that’s a website that has been in place and not touched for 10 years, or it could be a product brochure that has outdated content. This is the marketing equivalent of “fighting fires” - pick the low hanging fruit and fit in as many marketing deliverables as possible within budget.

We understand these marketing one-offs are often necessary to address. But from there - consider starting with a documented inbound marketing strategy to guide your efforts. Wouldn’t you want to spend marketing budget and time on things that will produce the most ROI for your company?

content marketing funnel - craft impact.png

Content marketing strategy

We need to attract more visitors from your most valuable accounts. With that in mind, your content strategy should be centered around producing the right content, for the right people, at the right companies.

Lead generation strategy

Your website needs to be a well-oiled machine that converts your site visitors into leads. This piece of the CMB will lay out downloadable offer ideas that your prospects will find attractive, no matter where they are in their buyer journey. Example: not everyone on your site is ready to visit the "Contact Us" page and start speaking with a salesperson. For those who are simply researching and not yet ready to buy, what can you offer them?

Lead nurturing strategy

Encourage your leads to educate themselves on how your product or service may help them solve their problem. Did you know that 57% of the buyer's decision is “B2B customers reported to being nearly 60% through the sales process before engaging a sales rep, regardless of price point. More accurately, 57% of the sales process just disappeared.” Lead nurturing emails can help your prospects sell themselves, even before they get to speak with a sales rep.

We will align your content marketing, lead generation and lead nurturing strategies to provide leads to the sales team - either with a 1:1 consultation or sales call
a complete three-month campaign and structured execution plan that maps out exactly what your business needs to do to turn your digital marketing investment into revenue.

Your Craft Impact Content Strategy TOOLKIT will include:


Blog article titles for your content marketing calendar

(crafted to attract your ideal buyers)


Target content campaigns, built around the information your buyers want


Lead nurturing emails to engage and educate your leads

Timeline and Execution of your cmb

What to Expect
Week 1

Clarify Workshop

1-hour workshops with your sales leaders and individual sales reps. We will interview your team to identify your most valuable buying scenario: product or service, account profile and buying roles within the target account.

Together we document and organize the buyers' primary challenges and the "trigger" situations that result in a need for information. We'll organize and align the common questions your sales reps receive - from common questions to final stage pushbacks.

The workshops give us the information we need to align your marketing messages with the buyer's journey as they move towards a purchasing decision.

Week 2

Competitive & Influencer Research

A Craft Impact Marketing Strategist conducts online research to analyze and document how competitors and industry influencers are attracting and engaging your target audience.
Week 3

Strategy Development

Craft Impact builds your 90-day content marketing roadmap:

• Workshop & research takeaways
• Content Marketer’s Toolkit (CMT) PDF
• Demand generation campaign
• Quarter 1 gameplan: goals, roles, timeline

Week 4

Presentation of Content Marketer's Toolkit (CMT)

We will apply your company’s unique situation to our proven CMB process for attracting target buyers and nurturing them to sales readiness. At the end of the day, our goal with these inbound marketing efforts is to help your sales team generate more revenue with quality inbound leads.
Once the Content Marketer's TOOLKIT is in place, you have three choices

Implement the plan yourself with your company’s internal marketing team

Implement what you can internally and partner with Craft Impact on the remaining deliverables

Partner with Craft Impact to implement your strategy

So what do you think?

Tired of random acts of marketing?

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